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5 Graphic Design Trends that gained popularity this year

5 Graphic Design Trends that gained popularity this year 6th Nov blog for HA Tech

5 Graphic Design Trends that gained popularity this year



Web design and graphic design are essential for the Tech industry. The first line of recognition that many visitors have with your business are through your branding and graphic designs. So it is of utmost importance that the designs you are following are better suited to your company and follow the latest new design trends.

So below are some of the top graphic design trends that are being followed this year in all industries.

Duotones and Gradients

Gradients and its related color transitions are getting very trendy lately, especially in designing logos and banners. The Gradients and duotones are specifically trendy among Generation Z. The contrasting colors on borders and color with the same palette on the inner side give logos a different hue and adds a little allurement to it, read Instagram.

Distinctive Color Schemes

Back in the day, people wouldn’t go to the contrasting color, but in this day and age, contrasts create a sense of expansion for a business and symmetric layout of the brand. Many tech startups and companies try to come up with dark and light hue for their logos and other graphic representations. The contrasting colors also add a minimalistic element to your logos and incorporate a sense of material design.

Use of Vivid Colors

Using Clear and Vivid colors are a great way of gaining the attention of the potential customer and increase brand awareness for your business. Darker colors exude a sense of calm and security, whereas the brighter tones aid the concept of energy and juvenility.

Use of Fonts and Typography

The use of fonts and single letters with different styles and merging them is gaining a lot of traction for logos and other forms of graphic design and following the poster-style like designing for businesses and startups.

Bespoke Illustrations 

A few years back, people were getting on with the use of stock designs and illustrations. Still, with many creative updates to Adobe Illustrator and the same kind of software, people are leaning towards making their style of illustration that not only promotes their style of brand but giving a sense of ownership to their companies.

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