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Digital Pakistan – Imran Khan’s Vision

digital pakistan - imran khan's vision Digital Pakistan – Imran Khan’s Vision Digital Pakistan

Digital Pakistan – Imran Khan’s Vision

This is an era of technology and advancement, it is no doubt that the Internet has quickly moved from being a luxury to a basic human necessity in today’s world. According to Hootsuite’s report, named as “Digital 2019 (Pakistan)”, there are approximately 44.61 million internet subscribers in Pakistan as of January 2019. Whereas, PTA reports actual figures to be above 65.12 million users in total. These figures show the popularity and significance of internet and the widespread use of it among the masses.

Keeping in mind the above statistics, Prime Minister Imran Khan has devised a way to efficiently use this technology for the advancement of Pakistan, which will ultimately result in the betterment of this Country men.

The government launched “Digital Pakistan” initiative, the event was headed by Tania Adrous (former Google employee) who left her job at a prestigious post to serve her home country.

Here are some key points of Imran Khan’s vision and the initiative


Digitalization of Pakistan will help in a number of ways,
some of which are:

  • Fast communications

The digital databases and communication channels are capable of fetching and delivering results at an incredibly fast pace, making the processing times shorter and rendering the overall system of governance and private sector much more efficient.

  • Ensure reliability and traceability

The digitally governed systems are reliable due to the precise computational skills of a computer.

The digitalization ensures that human errors are reduced and the chances of having a flawed set of records is minimized. Digitalization not only ensures timely results but also accuracy is guaranteed to the utmost capabilities of the system.

  • Decrease corruption and crime rate

Imran khan emphasized in his address that corruption is deeply rooted in most of the sectors of Pakistan. He said his government has a prime goal of eradicating corruption from the system of Pakistan and it will be achieved through digitalization. As e-governance systems would ensure no one surpasses the laws set and tracking of loopholes would be made easy.

Through digitalization, surveillance is also quiet easy and track records are maintained efficiently, hence there would be a significant decrease in crime rates and bribery system.

  • Bring world closer

Once the goal of digitalization is achieved, Imran khan and his government is hopeful that it will bring Pakistan closer to the progressive countries and make a name of Pakistan in the global village.


Imran Khan stated that when his government took over, the state of affairs of most of the government departments were miserable. The new government had challenges of not only dealing with deficit in finances of the government sectors but also faced mass corruption after effects due to the previous government’s lack of concern for the development of Pakistan.

But through the efforts of his government, now Pakistan is finally on the right track.
Imran Khan has had a vision of taking Pakistan forward in all aspects since long. He made it clear in his address that his government is determined and focused to make Pakistan prosper, and digitalizing different sectors of government and private industries will help him achieve his goal.

It was also mentioned that government plans on launching multiple projects in the future, while some have already been launched under this “Digitalization of Pakistan” scheme.


The goal of “Digitalization” of Pakistan is to take full benefit from the technological advancements that are being made these days.

Digitalization will help unleash potential of our youth and women sector as well. It will bring a revolution in all the sectors that will be digitalized and eradicate the old, obsolete system that is currently being run in Pakistan.

It is anticipated that Digitalization will create multiple job opportunities and secure future of next generations, as well as help in the growth of economy by making global trade and interactions easy over the internet.

Through this initiative, Pakistan is going to emerge as a hub of technological advancements on the face of the world. The digitalization will showcase Pakistan on the world forum, as Tania Adrous said “It’s time to put Pakistan on the map”

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