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How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business

digital marketing How Digital Marketing can help you grow your business digital marketing strategy

Digital Marketing includes activities that flank traditional sales strategies by intercepting the demand of the people in the world who connect to the Internet to search for information, buy and enjoy themselves.

The advantages of digital marketing:  more market and simpler

Traditional advertising channels have always favored large companies, which are able to allocate large budgets to marketing. This does not apply to digital marketing, which presents almost non-existent barriers to entry: companies of all sizes, even without exorbitant investments, can use digital marketing to make their product known to the target audience and to increase sales.

The success of an online marketing strategy is mainly based on targeting, that is to say on the search for a receptive audience, identified according to some characteristics that allow us to hypothesize that they are potential customers who are really interested in our product.

Did you know, for example, that Facebook, Instagram, and other social media allow you to pinpoint precisely which people will see your ad?

In identifying this audience, it must be taken into account that communication with potential customers is no longer one-way, that is, from the company to the consumer, but has now become a real dialogue. In other words, it is necessary to go beyond effective slogans, also because online marketing campaigns can be modified in content and adapted to specific demographic characteristics (gender, position, age, interests,) in a very short time compared to traditional channels.

Digital marketing analytics form the basis for ensuring the success of online and offline marketing strategies, helping to understand how different approaches to online marketing can interact with each other. Digital tools allow us to constantly keep track of how potential customers arrive at our website, through which channels they know our content, how they behave once they come into contact with the brand. This allows us to understand the return on investment of each of these channels and to modify the marketing strategy accordingly.

Small and medium-sized enterprises can therefore use the various digital marketing channels to reach their target audience, both locally and internationally.

Multi-device and multi-channel: the most important keywords in digital marketing

The same person can use several different digital devices throughout the day, such as PCs, tablets, and smartphones, or even Smart TVs. Companies can monitor, for example, how the person reacts to the same advertisement on Google but displayed on different devices.

This allows you to change your strategies to market products with greater specificity. Over the course of a day or a week, the occasions to connect vary significantly: depending on the context, such as home, work, or car, people have the opportunity to use different devices and carry out different interactions.

Going back to the previous example, an advertisement on Google displayed by a smartphone during the coffee break hardly leads to an immediate purchase. This is because the user has little time available to inform and compare. Finding the same ad once you have returned home and connected from your PC, however, reminds the user of the previous interaction at a time when he has the opportunity to carry out the necessary insights and purchase.

Digital marketing allows for better exposure of the brand

Trust is a key element in the perception of the brand (brand) from clients and potential such. Inspiring it is as difficult as communicating it.

Various factors contribute to obtaining consumer confidence, which is more or less important depending on the sector:

  • quality of products/services
  • the ability to communicate the degree of innovation of the company and the product
  • the ability to keep the promises made to the customer
  • availability for dialogue
  • sustainability and social responsibility

In any case, communication plays a fundamental role: doing well” is not enough if no one knows.

To meet this need, a company’s online channels, such as e-commerce, internet sites, blogs, email marketing, social networks, must be well connected to each other. In this way, the relevant information and confirmations that people are looking for in every phase of approaching the brand are immediately available and usable.

Furthermore, digital marketing offers a unique possibility: to have customers write reviews on a product/service directly on the company’s Facebook page, or directly on Google through the service dedicated to local businesses. The same happens on large e-commerce portals like Amazon. These opinions remain available to other users as immediate and spontaneous feedback.

The principle is to bring the mechanics of word of mouth online between friends and relatives, making sure that each person can take advantage of the opinions of an enlarged social network that describes the brand and its products in a more authentic way than could be done by the company itself.

In addition to influencing consumers’ purchasing decisions, online reviews offer better exposure to the company’s website, as they are a contributing factor to its positioning on search engines, i.e. increasing the chances of being among the top positions in the industry-related research.

To start a digital marketing strategy, identify your goals

The goals of your digital marketing strategy should be consistent with those of your business. For example, if you aim to increase revenue by 10%, check the conversion rates on your site: how many of the users who visit the website then actually buy?

Identify your goals and change your strategy based on constant monitoring.

Identify your target audience

Each product/service has clues about the potential audience segments it is intended for. Additionally, a sales rep can help you better understand their needs and thus help you market with more specificity. Your target audience may also be able to provide you with insight into which aspect of the entire shopping experience is of greater value, such as lower costs than best customer service.

Create a brand story

Storytelling through content and images can be one of the most powerful ways not only to attract customers but also to build long-lasting relationships with them. A corporate blog or a series of social media posts can help you build this relationship, which is essential for building trust in the brand and maintaining its loyalty.

Drive traffic to your website

Potential customers can be attracted to your website through great SEO content in the form of a blog. Social media can be another effective tool in marketing your business and building brand knowledge. You will be more easily found and communication will also be simpler and more direct.

Keeping the dialogue open with customers leads them to remember at the right moments. That is when they will need the products/services you sell again.

Define the call to action (CTA)

The Call To Action (CTA) are videos, images, and catchy lyrics that encourage potential customers to take action, such as clicking on a link to open a page that leads to a specific offer, provide personal information, subscribe to a newsletter, or follow a video channel.

Identifying users potentially interested in the products or services offered by a company is possible by optimizing the CTAs, for example by experimenting with the reactions of users with respect to similar contents, gradually evaluating the most effective ones.

Those who respond to marketing actions demonstrate their actual interest in the product.

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