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Application Development

Application development is the process of creating a computer program or a set of programs to perform the different tasks that a business requires. From calculating monthly expenses to scheduling sales reports

App Development refers to the creation of computer applications for use on mobile devices such as tablets, smartphones, and smartwatches. Mobile device features such as cameras, motion, and location awareness can be used to create unique and inventive mobile-only applications for things such as taxi and bike-sharing. Mobile devices typically have popular apps for searching, browsing, and social media preinstalled and users can download and install additional apps from Google Play (Android) and the Apple App Store (iOS)

Android app development

We are expert Android and JS Developers. The apps developed by us are with great design and innovative features.

IOS app development

We have a dedicated team of iOS developer and app designers. We are always on the lookout for new trends iOS app development.

web app development

We design front-end and develop complete back-end of the web app with customization available at any stage.

The constant group of engineers and developers contracted by HA-Technologies stream a ton of advancement and practical thoughts that once actualized, those thoughts are sure to give achievement wave and a game-changer to the association. The innovation and programming dialects utilized for any given venture and deliberately picked remembering the need and nature of the business of the client. The fundamental role is to provide the client with edge inside of his rivals and higher believability in the industry, which is all that much conceivable through the Application Development done at HA-Technologies. We know and understand the requirement of applications in everyday life, and help you to get enough information and needed provision of it.

Whether you have a start-up undertaking to dispatch, a thought for a custom programming answer for your organization, or you are occupied with programming item improvement, HA-Technologies is prepared to give full-cycle programming advancement administrations at every phase of your venture and associate every one of the spots to get your answer for the business taking care of business. We offer adaptable joint effort models and estimating alternatives to coordinate your business objectives and desires! One of the most developing IT issues includes developing various applications for all sorts of platforms. Our services ensure to help you find a solution to your IT queries. Our team of experts helps you to build your  applications by assisting you with design, analysis, and final testing and implementation of your system. We can also completely do the tasks on our own if you demand so. OFFERINGS

We offer:

Cognizant Advance Apps (CA2); using both open and standard technology, to ease the designing process of application and development and helps to develop  high-level applications quickly and reduce the time to do so. It can be used in the following areas:

  • Enterprise application development
  • Mobile application development for IOS/Android or Windows
  • Rapid business prototyping
  • Solutions for Industry
  • Product training, supporting and customization

CA2 Consists of:

CA2 App Studio to help in building Web applications, and use models, logic and to do so.

CA2 Server to convert application models into working models

CA2 Store which is an organization-wide repository of many assets and reference applications.

Advanced Solutions, having a broad sense of experience in many industries, we help you to develop and solve issues with your IT queries. We blend the knowledge of technologies along with program managing expertise to help develop and gain new solutions and skills for various systems in both leading and new technologies.

Our experts worldwide will assist you whenever you require so, and for analyzing, managing the system and applications and various platforms, such as:

  • Java or J2EE
  • Microsoft .NET
  • Portal management
  • Content Management
  • SOA
  • Integrating and Messaging

Ha Technologies

HA-Technologies is a group of highly professional individuals committed to performing optimal quality of tasks for our clients. HA-Technologies takes pride in saying that we are among the best IT organizations and Software companies worldwide.