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Tips for Marketing to the Younger Generation

Tips for Marketing to the Younger Generation Tips for Marketing to Young Generation

Tips for Marketing to the Younger Generation


In Pakistan, the youth in the age bracket of 18 to 38 years makes up 45% of the total population of the country. This makes rigorous marketing to this age group completely understandable. They might not have the buying power compared to their older counterparts, but they react more to any marketing strategy pitched to them. Most of the population in this age demographic have not seen a world without the internet, which makes them dependent on it for most of their daily life.

Things that differentiate the demographic mentioned above from the older demographics are:

  • Mobile Internet – Generation Z has seen mobile internet as a market place for various products and services, while the older generation is still getting acclimatize with the mobile web. While this has made marketer easy for business, but it has gotten competitive, and grabbing their attention has also a cumbersome task, because the use of mobile and internet has significantly lowered their attention spans.
  • Practicality – Because of the competitiveness in almost all fields has made this Generation Z more practical than the previous generations, which makes them economically less independent and more understanding.
  • Brand Preferences – No matter what might be the overall economic situation is, this Generation considers brand authenticity to be the prime influencing factor in buying anything.

The attributes mentioned above make it easy to understand the influence behind buying for this Generation. This can make it easy to pinpoint things to market them and get them to engage with a particular product or service.

  • Connect with Customers – Originality and authenticity may be an essential factor to grab the customers’ attention, but this Generation wants a personalized experience that they know are only designed for them. This includes interacting with them on Social Media platforms, personalized customer services, running paid, and organic campaigns designed for them.
  • Sell The Experience – Product being of the highest quality does matter, but selling your products and services should a whole new process that showcases a story behind that product. This Generation is immune to the old way of marketing, going out of the way and designing a viral campaign to grab their attention
  • Influencer Utilization – Instagram Bloggers & Vlogger might be the most significant influence on Generation Z. They follow them for entertainment, infotainment, and learning them. Using these influencers is an excellent way to engage them and market to them what you want.

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